Frequently asked Personal Glamour, Cosplay and Boudoir Photography Questions.

What is it?
Personal Glamour Photography is about transformation and showing a side of yourself that is usually hidden.

Is it revealing?

It can be as revealing as you want. The degree of nudity in any glamour session is left up to the client. I do not push them, nor do I hinder them.

Who will see it?
The only people who see your photos are
myself (the photographer) and anyone you decide to show them to. A lot of people give them as gifts to their partners, some just keep them for themselves

Where will the pictures be taken?
Pictures can be taken either at our studio set up, in the familiar surroundings and comfort of your own home, or even on location if you know of a suitable place

I want some pictures taken of myself and I'm worried that I will be embarrassed, will you put me at my ease?
You don't have to be embarrassed, though I understand that it can be daunting. You will be surprised as to how quickly it becomes second nature and any thoughts of shyness soon dispel. You will find that as the shoot progresses, the more confident you will become, to the point where you will be suggesting poses to me. My wife is usually present as another woman around usually helps at glamour/nude shoots

I would like some pictures taken of myself and my partner in a nude or semi-nude "Fine Art Erotica" style and I don't know how to go about it. Can you do this for us?
Absolutely. Erotica, Fine art style personal nude and semi-nude pictures of couples are becoming very popular and work particularly well in sepia or black & white as well as Colour. Imagine an enlargement in the “Athena” style and you will see what I mean. Come and have a chat or give me a call to discuss exactly what you need.

What do I have to bring with me?
I suggest that you do a little research.
Look through magazines, catalogues etc. and find the kind of shots that you want. Think about the kind of poses and outfits you like and wish to emulate, then, on the day of the session, bring some favourite music to play in the background, any outfits that you will be wearing and the research you've done. The rest is easy, and it gets easier as the session progresses.

I need some pictures to show to a modelling agency. Would you be able to provide me with a portfolio of shots?
Yes, and in fact, one of my portrait packages is a finished set of 10 pictures on a USB flashdrive, which would probably be ideal for most purposes. But speak to me first with your exact requirements

Do I need any special make-up?
You can, if you like. However, talk with me first. Make-up for photography is quite different to everyday make-up

How long does it take?
Plan to spend at least an hour and a half for your session to allow yourself to become familiar with the surroundings and to get used to the camera. Naturally, the more pictures that you need, for example, if you decide
to do a Portfolio or album, the more time is necessary.

Most sessions can be completed
in about two - three hours